Happy Socks South Africa


The Happy Socks revolution has gripped South Africa just as it has the rest of the world. Socks, generally viewed as a mere functional piece of clothing, have eventually been upgraded to a fashion statement. The beauty of happy socks, also known as funky socks or designer socks, is that it does not necessarily have to match the clothing when it can be hidden. This may seem pointless but in reality it adds a bit of playfulness and individuality to people who are forced to wear a kind of uniform or even more so for people who wear suits daily.


When did the Happy Socks “Fad” start in South Africa?


To be honest there were people who liked this kind of style for quite some time. The real trend in the market started towards the end of 2015 and complimented the hipster fashion style. It quickly spread through different styles and has now become free of a specific style and rather works with almost anything. From the financial centre in Sandton, Johannesburg to the streets of the capital Pretoria and obviously the trendy Cape Town, you will find everyone from business people to students enjoying the psychological freedom happy socks provide.


The Secret behind the popularity of Happy Socks


Well, this is self-descriptive really, happy socks make you …. well, Happy! Wearing bright coloured energetic pieces of clothing give people a bit of fun and happiness often in short supply in the harsh climate of the daily 9 – 5. This piece of clothing, whether hidden or exhibited, has a positive mental effect on the people who wear them and this is the main reason for the trend. As with all tings that trend some people have become avid collectors of different types of happy socks made from different materials and always sporting colourful funky patterns..


Happy Socks Johannesburg


There are many outlets that offer happy socks in Johannesburg, the most exclusive and individual however would be Effortless by BB. With a range of great styles and materials you are guaranteed to get the best quality designer socks available to the Johannesburg Markets. Effortless by BB also provides happy socks Pretoria and the rest of the Gauteng province. Shipment can be made to any region in South Africa and the quality is guaranteed.


Different ranges of funky socks


Here are a few examples of what the Efortless by BB happy socks look like :



Happy Socks Pretoria, Johannesburg & Gauteng, where do you buy them?


The Effortless by BB website is the most convenient place to buy happy socks in Gauteng. Buy today and get your new happiness within 72 Hours delivered to an address of your choice. Start a new routine that injects some colour and energy into your life, you deserve it.

For any of the following you can contact us directly: happy socks Pretoria, Johannesburg or any other region. We are not limited to Gauteng. Effortless by BB, the masters in Happy Socks South Africa.

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